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Discover a line of pet foods so premium they will meet the needs of every animal, no matter what the breed. These diets are leading the way in the pet food industry’s search for the perfect pet food with its naturally preserved allergen free food.

Holistic Grain-Free Kibble
Grain-Free Puppy Dinner
Open Sky Grain-Free ALS Dinner
Wild Ocean Grain-Free ALS Dinner
Wilderness Grain-Free ALS Dinner

Holistic Beneficial Grain Kibble
Chicken & Pearl Millet ALS Adult
Lamb & Pearl ALS Dinner
Large Breed Puppy Dinner
Special Needs Dinner

Holistic Cans
Duck and Sweet Potato

Holistic Treats
Venison Antler
Dried Sweet Potato

Holistic Supplements
Synergy Vegetable Mix
Norwegian Sun Cured Kelp

Free Range Grass Fed Buffalo Treats
Buffalo Stix
Buffalo Stix Braided
Buffalo Jerky Flat
Buffalo Jerky Braided
Buffalo Tripe Flat
California Rolls
Buffalo Paddywack
Buffalo Trail Mix
Buffalo Toothpick
Buffalo Flossies
Buffalo Lollipops
Buffalo Tripe Stick Vanilla
Buffalo Shank Fillet
Buffalo Rib Bone Natural
Buffalo Metatarsal Bone Natural without Knuckle
Buffalo Tibia Bone Natural with Knuckle
Buffalo Lung

The Feline Caviar Catalog can be found here.