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Terrific Food!!!

Our 70lb Bernedoodle is allergic to so many different ingredients. Open Meadow is a wonderful option for him. We like the limited ingredients and that it is grain inclusive. The only negative is the small size of the kibble. Because of this, we feed him on a wooly snuffle mat or with his puzzle toy that dispenses his food. He absolutely loves this food and goes crazy when it's time to eat!
- Sara


My mom bought me the puppy food for my mini French bulldog. He was having a hard time keeping food down, constantly throwing up his food and foam. After eating canine caviar for the past few weeks he keeps everything down! No more throwing up. He loves it so much! He’s always liking his lips when he sees me pouring his food. Life changing for Georgie! Can’t recommend this product enough.
- Gabrielle Jovin

Wonderful Customer Service Represenative

I had a wonderful customer service representative help me with Canine Caviar products today when I called Doggie Bag Delivers to order Canine Caviar Free Spirit Entree. His name was Bobby and he was very knowledgeable about Canine Caviar products and gave me great information about this product answering my many questions in a respectful, friendly way. He is an excellent employee and deserves a 5-star customer service rating!
- Mary Patterson

Saved my dog’s life

My sweet puppy went through 18 months of misery before I found your caviar holistic food. She is allergic to almost everything in all other foods. It made a huge change in her health after I started her on this food. Thank you
- Michelle McKey


Pepper loves your sweet potatoes!!! I think she may be addicted to them. It is great to give her a quality product!
- Sheila L. Douglas

Thank you for such wonderful food!!!

My boxer has severe food allergies and intolerances. He is eleven years old and we've struggled his whole life to find food that doesn't upset his stomach and cause serious digestive issues. He's been eating Canine Caviar's Open Meadows food for over a year now and I could not be more grateful for this wonderful food! Not only has he not had any digestive issues on it, his coat is shiny and healthy and … I'm telling you, his arthritis has improved! He loves the taste of the food and scarfs it down. Thank you so much for developing such a high quality food with limited ingredients for dogs like Diesel. You guys rock! :)
- Jamie Osterhaus

Love your dried sweet potatoes

Thank you for making dried sweet potato treats for dogs. My dog Bella loves your chewy sweet potatoes. We even cut them into strips for quick treats when we are bicycling. I feel good about giving her pure sweet potatoes, and she acts like they are taffy for dogs.
- Victoria Malmer

Deliciously good and good for her

We finally got a replacement shipment of Bella's favorite snack: Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potato chews. While waiting for to get it back in stock, we made the mistake of buying a replacement sweet potato chew (Crump's) and our dog has not spoken to us since. When I opened the new Canine Caviar packet, I noticed that it had been vacuum sealed for freshness. Each piece was moist and tender; similar to dried apricots. I decided to try a little experiment: I offered Bella a piece of Crump's, holding it closer to her mouth and held back the Canine Caviar. Bella ignored the dried, brown offering and went for the soft, orange, tender treat. I can't blame her. We have learned our lesson and will stick with the Canine Caviar from now on. Hopefully will work to keep it in stock. P.S. Good news! Bella is now talking to us again.
- Paul Staunton

My Shibas Favorite Food

My Shiba has been on about 4 different foods. One I got from the breeder which I liked but could only buy through her which was unreliable. So I switched to another at a store about 20 minutes away and it was horrible for her. Then the one that was in my town and she liked it it worked good but moving away I could no longer find it so I chose Canine Caviar cause the ingredients were nice and simple while being grain and gluten free. Plus the name is fancy and sounds like royalty for my little princess. I had a little bit of her old food left over to mix with the new and she just picked out the Canine Caviar and spit out the old brand. Never want to change her food again shes been so happy and healthy and I never have to worry about her not eating
- Courtney Shea

Best kibble on the market!!

My 19 month old Boxer/Lab has always had stomach issues/ diarrhea on and off! Tried different brands ("high end brands"), Even tried raw..same issue. I finally found a food she likes and does GREAT on, Canine Caviar Free Spirit!! It’s amazing how well she’s doing on it! Her poops are less in volume & no diarrhea!!!!!! If anyone is looking for a new kibble, I would definitely give them a try! I've tried all the "top" brands, this by far surpassed my expectations. Thank you Canine Caviar Customer for life!!
- Gloria

Love the brand

I have 5 mini Dachshunds and they loved the food I do wish they made a small breed instead of a all life stages. My vet said it’s better for there liver and kidneys for small breeds to eat small breed food. Besides that I love the brand and if I had a large dog I’d continue to feed this. Please please make a small breed line in all the same flavors.
- Steph

Food is awesome

Food is awesome. But why are you out of stock? It's been weeks without any explanation. This food is the only stuff my dog can eat with becoming a pooping, itching mess.
- Canyon

Dog food

Great food How is it you have figured out the good but not the packaging It’s so frustrating to spend a great deal on food and have go stake or duct tape it closed Unreal !!!
- Deb hoffman

Stomach issues

My 8 year old Shepherd/lab had been vomiting for 2 weeks. I was told to feed her the Special Needs food. What a difference it made. She has always had digestion issues.After a week she was switched to the Free Spirit food. She is now back to her usual self. She is perky, active and rambunctious. Much better. Thanks Canine Caviar.
- Carlene Barrow

Simply Amazing Thus Far!

I have a 6 year old shep/collie mix who has a mild form of colitis. We have had her on good kibble such as Evo, Orijens, Tundra, and Instinct freeze dried raw. Her poops have never been great, solid but often mushy and wet looking. Sometimes she will have the runs when we try to increase her amount. She has a hard time putting on weight because she is very active and because of the colitis. She ranges anywhere from 38-40lbs, she is not of a typical shepherd build - more like a Belgian, slimmer not bulkier so we would not expect her to be in the 50 or 60lb range. After researching this food, I figured "why not" because it can't do anymore harm. We started her on it 1 day ago and my God, I have never seen her poop so good, solid and not runny! I hope this trend continues because our goal is to feed her enough to put and maintain a healthy weight. I think because the other foods (which are all very respectable brands), were too high in protein for her system. (40% or higher). So far, a great big THUMBS UP to Canine Caviar Open Meadow Lamb formula!
- Lori Scelzi

stopped the itching

I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis and I have tried several different dog foods and all they do is itch. I put them on the Canine Caviar dry and the itching stopped. They love the taste and clean their bowls. Someone at Canine Caviar put alot of thought into their food and I love them for it.
- Maryanne Duffy

Awesome product

We have a very allergic Huskey/Lab. He started his life on Eagle Pack, which was wonderful for our Rottweiler, that lived to be just short of 16 years. He then developed these allergies. I found Canine Caviar at our Mill and Feed store in Anchorage. He still has some issues, but the Open Sky has been a great improvement. It's on the expensive side, but well worth the cost! Our non allergic dog is on Open Meadow, quite a bit cheaper, she loves it and is very healthy. They are both nearly 7 years old and have been on CC for 5 years!
- Bev Whitman

Cleared colitis

My 3 year old black English Lab had been having bouts of colitis for the last year and a half. At times, she pooped in her crate every other day. Not her fault of course. Once I changed to this food, no more colitis. Her poops are firm; she is regular. So happy her stomach is doing better. She has always itched and although that hasn't completely disappeared, her scratching is less! Highly recommend this food!
- Lynn Eason

Miracle Food

My beagle/vizsla mix is both diabetic and allergic to nearly everything (including cats, fish, peanut butter, grass, humans, etc). Lamb was the worst. One meal with lamb and he would be literally scratching his face off--blood smeared and flung all over the living room floor. We have tried probably 20 different foods to help reduce his allergic reactions. My husband finally stumbled across Canine Caviar in his research. We had to special order it, but after just a short time on the new food, he finally seemed to get his itchiness under control. This food combined with his new allergy shots make him almost like his old self again, the young pup we adopted off the street. He's had a 'ruff' life. Thank you Canine Caviar for your help in making it better!
- Katherine

A new beginning

Our 140# lab rotty mix suffered greatly this past summer from allergies, and then from a staff infection from the water he was swimming in. My vet recommended an antibiotic that is very harsh on the dogs liver, but our only option. I wasn't ready to take this leap, and my daughter in law bought the Canine Caviar and we tried it on Deboe and the 3 other dogs we have. With a little utter balm and the canine caviar he was completely cured in 3 weeks! He is much more active, his hair is shiney, and all of the sores are gone-he's like a new dog! My other dogs also absolutely love this dog food. I now recommend Canine Caviar to all of my dog park friends.
- Sandra Fuller

Thank you again

I started using your product approx 4 months ago. I have a 2 year old lab who has had horrible allergies. We have tried several brands of food and nothing worked. That is until you came along! I was recommended to try and pretty much thought ya ya here we go again. My dog now has a beautiful coat and even his elbows have started to grow hair. I just am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your product. Thank you again.
- Denise Amburn and her lab Jubal


Anyone who knows me, knows I make stew every day because my dogs refuse to eat kibble. Even if I feed only kibble, they will all go on hunger strike. They ate it! And LOVED it! Best food EVVVEEEERRRRR. I highly recommend it and will definitely be purchasing it in the future.
- Michelle Hart-Gonzales

dog Addie always went for the Canine Caviar kibble!

Art was in his local pet retail store picking up dog food when he ran into one of Canine Caviar’s sales reps. He was then introduced to Canine Caviar product and was given a sample bag to try. When Art got home he felt he had nothing to lose, so he did a little experiment. He took his original dog food and Canine Caviar and put them both in separate bowls to observe which formula his dog chose to eat. This was repeated for the following few days and his dog Addie always went for the Canine Caviar kibble! Since being on Canine Caviar Open Meadow, Art noticed Addie stop itching as much, has a beautiful thick coat and has lots of energy! Art also fosters dogs at this time, and is currently fostering a German Shepard /Pit mix, Max. Since the 2 months he has had Max, he also has noticed increased energy, no scratching and a beautiful coat in this dog as well.
- Art

Your food makes a difference!

Ethan came to me as a rescue puppy - in very bad shape. After a trip to the doctor and a change in food to the Canine Caviar, he behaves like a typical boxer, full of pep and energy. His list of allergies is from rice, potatoes (all), corn, wheat, green peas, tomatoes among many others and I found the Canine Caviar Free Spirit to be the ONLY food he can safely eat and he eats it with gusto. I also add the canned venison (his favorite) and turkey. My Ethan also suffers from colitis, yet he gets no upsets with the Free Spirit. Your food makes a difference! Natural, fresh, flash cooked and ingredients I understand. When you end up with a healthy dog, the proof is in the pudding.....or should we say kibble.
- Stephanie Laidlaw

We have finally found the right food for Noel.

Just wanted to say that we have a beagle in our rescue who we struggled to transition from a prescription food without her experiencing GI upset. It has been about 5-6 weeks of trying to find a food she will eat that will not cause her GI upset. Last weekend, Canine Caviar was recommended by Dogs & Cats Rule in NJ. We were hesitant with a straight transition, but gave it a try, and it looks like we have finally found the right food for Noel. :) We will be listing her as being available for adoption now, and thank you for making such a great product. It's interesting that your CEO's background is as a researcher, and his product is now helping Noel, one of our retired research heroes from our Lab to Leash program. :)
- Beagle Rescue League, Inc

Happy! Happy! Happy!

I found Canine Caviar via the internet by searching for Dog Food with only the ingredients my dog could eat due to allergies. I had tried My Perfect Pet then transitioned to Raw, and the list goes on with different brands of dog food, etc. She had nothing but digestion problems, the poop patrol seemed endless. After many visits to the vet for blood work, etc., nothing was wrong, however her immune system was low. I am happy to soon as I found your Venison/Split Pea kibble, she was eating as a healthy Dog should and no more poop patrol. I also like to add a little of your Venison canned tripe-yummy. Thank you Canine Caviar for an excellent Immune System, a very Healthy Standard Poodle Service Dog and a Happy Happy Happy owner!!!
- Kathy

Thanks for such an excellent product.

I wanted to send a work of thanks for such an excellent product. My GSD is allergic to quite a bit (anything with wings including chicken fat, as well as potatoes). I've been feeding him Leaping Spirit (thank you for using lamb fat!) and it's been a God send. Due to a couple months of trying to figure it out myself before having my vet run an allergy test, he had evident hair loss, scratches, and runny stool. I couldn't thank-you enough for this product. His hair has grown back beautifully, the non-stop scratching has ceased, and his stool is solid. I've attached a photo proof that his coat has come back full force (pup on the left).
- Sheneé Ruiz


Hey! my 8 year old german Shepard had very hard time digesting food from the brand Chewy, and they just would't work. After switching to Canine, believe me, my dog started to eat a lot more and she regained some of that positive attitude which she lost while sadly eating from the other brands. I can never be so thankful honestly, for the great service and quality that Canine offers! Thank you tons on behalf of my family and my beloved german shepard!!
- Amy Stanfield


I love your "Special Needs" food. It is the only food my dog tolerates and that includes bland food home cooked. She has chronic pancreatitis.
- Janet

So many good reasons!

Our 8 year old shih-tzu had stomach problems, tear stains and she was very picky with her food. I had to give her 1/2 pepcid tablet per day and tried tear stain control powder for an extended time which did not work. A local pet store owner suggested the Special Needs Canine Cavier and voila! After about 6 months the tear stains disappeared, her stomach issues cleared up (no more pepcid!) and her coat is soft and healthy. AMAZING! She is now 10 and as beautiful as ever! Thank you Canine Caviar!
- Lorraine

Special Needs To The Rescue!

My 10 year old setter had a serious bout of acute pancreatitis + was so ill, we were considering euthanasia. It was just heartbreaking. After 7 days in the hospital, our vet got him through the worst phase but suggested we keep him on a special diet for life. We didn't want to buy the food sold by the vet & instead researched other alternatives. Luckily, we found Canine Caviar a Special Needs + began giving it to our dog. The results have been amazing. No more digestive issues, firm stools and a beautiful coat. He's acting like a puppy again. This is his food for life. Thank you Canine Caviar.
- Joanne

Breeder recommended!

Hi, I have a 4 month old Pomeranian who I got at 9 weeks, the breeder told me he has all his dogs on the canine caviar and sent me home with an entire bag with my new puppy. He loves it, has no problems at all and Im so happy its holistic and grain free. Keeping him on it. I just wish I could find it in orange county California. They carry it in one place and special order the puppy formula for me. Great food!
- Cindy

Thank you!!

The pet store I buy my grain free food from had the feline caviar chicken and the tuna flavors on the counter next to the register. I inquired about this new product and decided to buy the chicken flavor and see if my cats would like it. They couldn't get enough of this holistic food. They loved it!!! I read the product ingredients and I'm very pleased with it. I will be returning to my pet store to purchase more of this product. It was a bit on the pricey side, but I look at the quality first. My furbabies are worth splurging on, especially if it the product is grain free and no chemicals or processed junk that they don't need. Kudos to a great product!!! Thank you!!
- Laurie

Best Dog Food Hands Down!!!

We have been feeding our almost 5 yr old Blue Heeler Canine Caviar for 3 years and we absolutely love it. Before finding this awesome food, he had pretty bad food allergies. Wasn't able to keep his food down, had hot spots, soft stool and was never really interested in eating. We tried 3 different brands before switching. He loves eating now!! We will never feed him anything else!!
- Jillian

Relief Finally

I have an Aussie that was on Orajen. It is a good food but she started itching really bad again and then started getting sick and having horrible bloody stools frequently. The vet and I couldn't figure it out until I went to the pet rescue store in town and explained to them what was happening. My dog is 10 and the lady at the store told me that the food she was on had too much protein in it. She recommended Canine Caviar special needs. Immediately there was a difference, she doesn't itch, her eyes aren't running, and she has a lot of energy. We haven't had any issues with bloody stool since. Thank you!
- Cherri


Since switching my dogs to Canine Caviar, they are happier than ever before!! There are no more upset stomachs, itchy skin and they actually want to eat now! Thank you so much for all of your advice and help in choosing the right diet for our babies! They will be eating Canine Caviar for the rest of their lives!
- AnneMarie Kintop

wild ocean grain free

I have had my 3 year old boxer on your kibble for over 4 months! I made the switch as he has an auto immune disease called polymyositis. It has affected his ability to swallow, among many other things! He was not given much hope!! But with the proper medication and your kibble, which i soak and puree!! He has been able to stabilize and actually put on much needed weight!!I also buy the cans and he devours them!! The neurologist he sees has recently commented on his coat!! And the fact that he is looking so healthy!! Your food as well as the medications have saved our Maxie!! Thank you!!
- Eva

Special Needs Formula

Our bulldog, Sophie was diagnosed with urate bladder stones a few years ago. With urate stones, the choices are VERY limited because of the need for low purine food. The issue with the bulldog breed is that while ultra low purine is best for managing a stone condition, for bulldogs, if the purine levels are too low, then you can bring on cardiac issues in addition. For a long time, she was on a prescription formula to keep her urine alkaline. Being a bulldog she has a lot of allergies and her skin stayed in bad shape from her food. I learned about the CC Special Needs Formula and we have been using it for the past year with great success. While her skin is not perfect, it is A LOT better and best of all, we are able to get great urine pH readings without a prescription food. We feel better being able to make the choice to feed her a higher quality food like Canine Caviar.
- Karen

Lifetime Canine Caviar dogs!

I was floundering with the question of what to feed my dogs. Although none of them had any health issues I was terrified of safety because of all of the recalls. We learned about Canine Caviar from our breeder, so two of our Labs have never eaten anything BUT Canine Caviar. Our Basset Hound was a senior dog when we made the change and I really think she had more energy and lived longer because of the good holistic pet food!! My labs have perfect breath, silky black coats, never pass gas, and smell fantastic without needing baths! I will never change foods!!!
- Lynn

Worth the price!

My Aussie was on Blackwood 5000 when we got him from the breeder. He was doing fine but his stools were so soft we couldn't scoop them. I went to our local feed store and the clerk said, if I wanted to keep him on the best dog food available but switch to something else, then Canine Caviar was the only thing to switch to. Within a few days Copper's stools were nice and solid, and we saw no difference in his health or energy level. He is simply the best dog we could ask for! We also had a senior Sheltie who was on CC Special Needs, as it was the only dry dog food we could find that would keep his food where it belonged. I firmly believe it was the Special Needs blend that kept him with us for 2 years more than the vet predicted. I will never buy anything else!
- Kim

Nothing worked until I put her on your Holistic Wilderness grain Free Dinner

My Havanese started scratching over a year ago (she is now 2) and i tried six different foods for her from the very expensive to the cheapest trying to solve her problem. Nothing worked until I put her on your Holistic Wilderness grain Free Dinner. it took about 4 weeks for the itching and constant scratching to stop but it has and I am thrilled with your food. I like the small bites and she does too. Our vet said the New Zealand Venison is the best because it is range free. Thank you for putting this food out and may you continue for many years !!!
- Joyce

Saved my Boxer!

Best. Product. Ever! This kibble saved my dog from horrible allergies that made her suffer since birth. No vet gave us anything that worked and they all told us to put her down after multiple treatments failed. A friend suggested Canine Caviar and we've been hooked ever since! Within 2 days, our dog stopped scratching and then within 4 weeks, she was all healed from HORRIBLE bleeding and scabs. Thank you, Canine Caviar!
- Tiffany

She never tolerated any other food until canine caviar

My dog Pixie had a bad start when she got hook worms :( . She was only a pup and I had already started taking her for her shots at this point. We had gotten her at 2 months old from a farm. I tried right away to get her the best foods I knew of at the time and did alot of research. After the hook worms were over I patiently waited for her digestive system to get back to normal even got her a very plain food from the vet so that her stomach wouldn't be so easily upset. She seemed very picky did not like any of the food I had given to her. She would eat it EVENTUALLY i guess after figuring out that there was nothing better at the time. I have always tried my very best to feed her top dog food brands however expensive they were because I love her she deserves the best and I want her to live a long and happy life! She still had her digestive issue and also a flaky coat which i also frantically tried to save her from. Nothing else worked for her until I found Canine Caviar and she absolutely loves it ! her tail wags and everything when I go to feed her. Her coat is silky and very shiny the probiotics and the natural diet really helped her alot. I am so happy to have finally found such an astounding amazing diet that the little princess loves too mind u ;)
- Colleen

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